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Classic Device

For Personal/Family Use

3 settings

from 350$

Classic Device 2.0

For Personal/Family Use

3 settings

from 380$


For Longer-Lasting Use

2 settings

from 1050$


Heavy Duty for Professional Use

4 settings

from 3500$

The difference in devices

iTeraCare Classic Device

✅ For Personal/Family Use
✅ 4th Gen Model - Released 2021
✅ 800 watts; built to be more affordable to enable access for more households at a lower price point; still just as effective, just not quite as sturdy; takes a little longer for treatments and will shut off after an hour of use to cool down.
✅ 3 settings: Low Speed/Low Heat; High Speed/Low Heat; High Speed/High Heat.

iTeraCare Premium Device 

✅ For Longer-Lasting Use
✅ 5th Gen Model - Released June 2022
✅ 650 watts; sturdier than the Classic; reported to be quieter than both other models; longer-lasting; comes in, well-padded, hard protective case with locks on the outside; cool-down mode means you cannot switch back on for 5 minutes after each use.
✅ 2 settings: Low Speed/Low Heat ; High Speed,/High Heat. 
*** The Premium is much hotter than the Classic and has no warm/cool setting.

iTeaCare PRO Device

✅ Heavy Duty for Professional Use
✅ 3rd Gen Model - Released 2019
✅ 1200 watts; very sturdy; built for more continuous use (as in in clinical settings, large families, or outreach) for multiple applications; requires less time for treatments due to higher power; results achieved much faster; quieter than the Classic; comes in well-padded, hard protective case with locks on the outside.
✅ 4 settings: Low Speed/Low Heat; High Speed/Low Heat; High Speed/High Heat; No Heat/Low Speed (cool).

Introducing our brand

About the iTeraCare Device

The iTeraCare device is a secure, non-invasive, natural way to enhance your health and well-being. It stimulates the body's natural recovery processes to clear out mutated cells, decrease inflammation, stabilize fluids in the body, enhance circulation, and boost relaxation.

The handiest frequency device on the market... 

There are no programs to choose from, apps to download, or software to train with. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and point it at the area of your body you want it to function on. It’s that simple.

Genuine Product

*** iTeraCare device is distributed by Prife International - it's authentic. Don't be fooled by other fake frequency devices sold on the internet.

Charging Water

You can also recharge your water and enjoy the hydrating, therapeutic benefits of terahertz-charged water.

Drinking structured water has significant health advantages, including normalizing muscles and tissues, removing unhealthy cells, revitalizing healthy cells, aiding energy, circulation, weight management, and more. It's 40 times more effective than massage and
10 times more effective than acupuncture.

Warranties and Limitations

While there are no guarantees, the testimony is exciting. There are no side effects, but there are precautions. Do not use during pregnancy or directly over implanted metal devices such as cardiac pacemakers or joint prostheses. In addition, do not apply to the abdomen during menstruation as it may increase menstrual bleeding.

The iTeraCare terahertz blower device has a few limits as to how it can be used on troublesome areas. However, our customers have reported incredible results with this device on virtually every part of the body.

About Registration:

A one-year warranty is included with purchaser registration. We do not accept returns or refunds for this product due to third-party delivery. Only standard shipping is available. All sales are final. By adding this device to your cart and placing an order, you agree to these terms.


Our customers can't stop talking about their results.

I used this device on my eyelids. Today, a cataract appeared in my right eye. So I'll wait and see what else I experience with this device.

Abraham Giesbrecht

After years of shoulder pain and bad sleep, this device has reduced his pain to the point that he almost forgets it's even there after 2 weeks of using it. This works.

James Raymond, New York

I have an upset stomach, so they told me to use the cane with tap water before drinking. I've been drinking treated water for two weeks and haven't had any problems for a few days. It's crazy.

Mariah Johnson, Utah

Customers served! 970 +   5 star reviews

IteraCare Terahertz Device

Integrates 3-in-1 Core Technology


Terahertz vibrates at the same frequency as normal human cells, producing millions of vibrations per second, activating optimal cellular function for a happy body!

Scalar wave

It energizes our cells, balances the body systems, strengthens the body, generates healing energy, and creates scalar wave energy that penetrates deep into vital organs.

Optical quartz

Optical quartz amplifies the energy produced by the device for more powerful results. It mimics UV energy at 1/40th that of sunlight and strengthens the auric field within the body.


The Classic, which is sold in packs of 1, 3, or 10, is priced at $380 and is great for personal use.

The Pro is for use in professional environments and is priced at $3,800.

There's also a Premium model for $1,140.

Maintain the mood with our iTteraCare terahertz device. This is the only official frequency device that provides comprehensive healthcare for you and your family. 

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

iTeraCare devices are home appliances certified as "safe for use." They do not emit damaging radiation and are labeled to allow international distribution.

The iTeraCare wand is not a medical device, and the manufacturer does not provide medical guidance. The user understands that the device is not intended to be used as a medical device or for reliable diagnostic purposes. Its use is not intended as a substitute for treatment or advice from a licensed physician.


Always consult your doctor or other health care professional if you have questions about medical conditions or if you need specific advice about the optimal use of your iTeraCare wand, diet, or physical activity.

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